Penguicon wants to make sure that our convention is an awesome and accessible one for all.  In order to ensure an accessible convention, we have created an Accessibility Department. If at any time you have anything you wish to discuss, contribute, or inquire about regarding accessibility at Penguicon, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Digital Documents:

  • A digital copy of the programming schedule will be available online.
  • The Souvenir Book will be digital.
  • Our website has an accessibility toolbar on left hand side for the visually impaired.

Mental and Emotional accommodations:

  • Although Penguicon makes accommodations to address attendees’ mental and emotional health, we strongly recommend that each attendee attend to their own mental and emotional health over the course of Penguicon.


  • This Accessibility document was assembled using the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America’s Accessibility Checklist for SFWA spaces and Penguicon’s Accessibility policy in order to better acquaint you with Penguicon’s hotel and event. We acknowledge it is not exhaustive nor perfect, and does not cover every accessibility need. We are open to any input you may have.