• Join our Staff! Contact our ConChair with any questions.
  • If you have emailed a ConCom member and not received a reply, please write to our ConChair.

Convention Committee

Dave “Ska” Green

The Convention Chair is chosen by Penguicon’s Board of Directors to present a budget and create their unique spin on Penguicon in concert with their chosen Guests of Honor, Con Committee, staff, volunteers, and presenters. They run our Con Committee meetings and are the final stop for most decisions. If you aren’t sure who to contact with your concern or request, the Con Chair is always a good option.

The Head of Registration manages our online registration system and wrangles our on-site registration process.

Our Assistant Chair supports the Con Chair in numerous ways and is on hand to lend expertise and experience.

Our Talent Coordinator acts as a one-stop-shop for our Guests of Honor (GoH) relationship. They arrange for our GoH liaisons and make sure they have everything they need for a great Penguicon experience.

Our Head of Programming works with their large department of volunteers to coordinate the hundreds of hours of events you see each year. This is an incredible process! If you have any questions your event’s track head can’t answer, feel free to write the Head of Programming.

Sarah Jane Catlin

The Head of Ops handles on-site incident response with their team, from missing cables to more serious concerns. If you have a question or concern at the convention, you are welcome to go to the Ops booth first, and they will direct you as needed.

Program Ops ensures that any changes made to our programming after the books are published are communicated to the attendees smoothly and efficiently.

Lloyd Williams

Logistics inventories, delivers, and otherwise manages our physical infrastructure – food track equipment, the Chaos Machine components, banners and signs, and any other Penguicon property.

Amanda Long-Adams

Our Treasurer works with every department to help maintain and track our annual budget, as well as handling expenses and refunds.

The Communications department typically works with the other departments to communicate important updates to this year’s event, moderates our social media accounts, manages our Penguicon art assets, and handles press and photography.

Brigit Bradakis

The Head of Volunteers gathers and manages volunteers, working with the rest of the staff to find areas which need more helping hands and then placing willing volunteers into those roles in order to keep the convention running smoothly!


Board Of Directors

Penguicon is run by a Convention Committee for one year at a time, but also has a multi-year governing body, the Board of Directors. The Board makes decisions for future years of Penguicon, but does so only when unavoidable, in order to leave the Convention Committee with as much control of their weekend as possible. Multi-year decisions include:

  • Select each year’s Convention Chair.
  • Approve the Convention Chair’s budget proposal.
  • Keep the bank account.
  • Pay taxes.
  • Set down the eight minimum rules that each year’s Convention Committee expands on.
  • Collect private reports of isolated misconduct, to detect multi-year patterns of misconduct from any individual which may need to be addressed outside the convention weekend.
  • Provide information technology infrastructure.

The Board meets four times a year as well as during Penguicon. Meetings are open to the public. You may email the Board Of Directors at: [email protected]

President Randy Bradakis
Vice President Jessica Roland
Treasurer Amanda Long Adams
Director at Large Scott Kennedy
Information Technology Paul Keyes
Secretary Chelle Silas