Host a Virtual Room Party at Penguicon 2021

The same great Penguicon Room Party fun, now online!

Looking for an idea? You can give your party a theme, suggest cosplay for those attending, or have drinks bingo, a stitch-n-bitch, movie simulcast… anything you’d like (within reason).

You can host your party on any streaming platform that is open to the public, for instance Zoom, Google Meet, or an open source alternative. Keep in mind that software with a steep learning curve or long installation processes may reduce your audience size. Penguicon does not have an official platform that we endorse.

We’re accepting Virtual Room Parties for Friday night, Saturday night, or both. To sign up to host, please fill out this form.

Please Note:

  • Virtual Room Party Hosts must be registered members of Penguicon 2021 and be 18 + years of age. Please see our Eventbrite registration page for Membership information.
  • If you plan to host two different Room Parties on two different nights, please complete this form for EACH Room Party.
  • If you plan to host the same Room Party on two different nights, please complete this form only once and indicate both nights in the appropriate place.
  • Virtual Room Parties are scheduled to begin anytime after 8:00pm
  • All Virtual Room Parties applications will be processed, and applicants will be notified via email of application status by April 15, 2021.
  • Virtual Room Party Hosts must agree to abide the Penguicon 2021 Code of Conduct.
  • Questions? Email [email protected] or [email protected].