Memberships for Virtual Penguicon 2021, April 23-25, are now available! We are so excited to move forward with plans, including a huge amount of kick-ass programming, a fabulous Maker Market, and Virtual Lobby/Bar experiences. Pandemic or no, we are getting ready for one of our favorite weekends of the year!

Given that 2021 will be fully virtual, we are offering several membership options to help support Penguicon this year and for future years, because even when we can’t meet in person there are expenses like storage and our scheduling tool. Your support is deeply appreciated and helps others attend who are experiencing economic hardship.

If you already registered for physical (at the hotel) Penguicon, your 2019/2020 Pre-Registration memberships will carry over to Penguicon 2022 automatically.

The Basic Membership is $10.00 (plus processing fee) and includes a Basic Virtual Swag Bag!

The Silver Membership is $25.00 (plus processing fee) and includes a Silver Virtual Swag bag and a special sticker designed by a local artist.

The Gold Membership is $40.00 (plus processing fee) and includes a Gold Virtual Swag bag, a special sticker designed by a local artist, and other swag TBA.

The Presenter Membership is $10.00 (plus processing fee). For presenters who present at least 3 hours of programming or submit their presentation to be shared via Creative Commons, we will upgrade your membership tier!

The ConCom/Staff Membership is $10.00 (plus processing fee) and available to Staff and ConCom.

You may also elect to make a donation to Pay It Forward and Sustain Penguicon. Don’t forget to also register for a membership if you plan to attend the event!

The sticker and other swag are available in limited quantities so register early to snag that swag! These items will be mailed to you.

Please do reach out to if you need a Sponsorship (no cost to you) membership. We want to help you attend! This has been a very difficult time for our community and we will do our best to help in a confidential manner. However, if you are able to attend with a paid membership and/or Pay It Forward with a donation to help sustain Penguicon, especially so that we may continue to offer events post-pandemic, we are very grateful. We are all volunteers and wish to continue to serve the Penguicon community.

Registration via EventBrite is required to attend and provides easy access to our Sched site to browse and attend a weekend of fantastic virtual events! Please visit Virtual Penguicon 2021 to register or make any changes.

We are working hard to make all the Virtual things happen and look forward to sharing with you as soon as we can. Look for Programming submissions to open soon! If you would like to help make all the things happen with us or if you just have general questions feel free to reach out to Ska at or Amy at

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